Limestone Services


We are seasoned in the care and restoration of limestone surfaces. In addition to our extensive experience in caring for limestone in homes and residences, we have restored the exterior of many buildings throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and the South Bay

Cleaning limestone and caring for limestone floors does not have to be complicated. However, care should be taken with limestone, and we take great care when servicing limestone surfaces for our clients.

Limestone is, generally speaking, a relatively soft stone when compared to granite, marble and many other types of stone. When cleaning limestone, it's important to have an understanding of the nature of the stone. Limestone is a calcium-based stone and, as a result, is very sensitive to acids. Therefore, great consideration should be given to the prevention of general wear.

When choosing Los Angeles Marble Polishing, you get over 50 years of experience in cleaning and restoring limestone. We have the know-how and experience to care for and repair limestone the best possible way, through use of only tried and proven techniques.



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