Concrete Polishing


There are many benefits of having concrete surfaces, and Los Angeles Marble Polishing can transform your concrete to a look you never thought possible.

What are the benefits of concrete polishing?

Polished concrete is the most durable flooring system when compared to other flooring finishes. It requires very little maintenance, which basically amounts to weekly washings with water.

In comparing concrete polishing to other flooring finishes, and taking into account the maintenance schedules and serviceable life spans, polished concrete is the cheapest flooring system to own.

Another benefit of polished concrete is that it is eco-friendly. Polished concrete doesn't have the harsh chemical or strippinwax residues that can be found with many other finished surfaces, and there are no floor applications applied that will wear off or scuff.

The Process of Concrete Polishing

The process of polishing concrete is in the use of heavy-duty metal diamond disks that are used to gradually grind down the concrete to the desired degree of smoothness. The polishing will then continue, using progressively finer grits of diamond-impregnated resin bond segments.

Imagine a shiny concrete floor that reflects like glass! This is a look that diamond polishing can achieve.

A few years ago very few people had even heard of polished concrete. Diamond-polishing technology now makes it possible to grind and polish concrete surfaces to a mirror like finish.

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